Factory Balls 2 Game

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Factory Balls 2 HTML5

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2 is a unique and original puzzle game in which you must figure out a way to produce designer balls. Just drag a ball from the left bin and drop it over one of the tools shown. You must plan your moves carefully because the order is important.

The object of Factory Balls 2 is to create balls with designs that match the target ball in each level. … Use or apply the tools by simply dragging the white ball onto them. Work with a partner or pencil and paper to plan out your steps. This fun logic game requires the player to find the right order of steps necessary to take a blank ball through the assembly line process and end up with the appropriately designed ball. Work your way through many challenging and unique levels to become the best worker in this ball factory.

Factory Balls 2 might have a funny name, but the puzzles this flash game presents you with are serious business. Decorating a ball might not sound thought-intensive, but your brain is either going to love or hate you after this game is done having its way with it.

How to play Factory Balls 2

Use or apply the tools by simply dragging the white ball onto them.

Take a ball out of the rotating bin and drag/drop it over the tools provided for each level to reproduce the ball shown on the front of the cardboard box.