Factory Balls 3 Game

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Factory Balls 3 HTML5

Factory Balls 3

Factory Balls 3

Factory Balls 3 is a logic puzzle game that will challenge kids and adults. The object of Factory Balls is to create balls with designs that match the target ball in each level. Utilize the different colors and tools in the correct order to create a matching ball. Use or apply the tools by simply dragging the white ball onto them. Work with a partner or pencil and paper to plan out your steps.

The premise of this charming little puzzle game seems pretty simple the operative word here being seemed. You start with a rotating cog full of little white balls. Before you on the screen are tools ranging from cans of paint to belts, masks, glasses, plungers, screwdrivers, and other tools that you can use to make one little white ball match the picture on the box below. You must, in fact, match the picture in order for the ball to drop from the screen and move you to the next level.

The third set of levels to the unique puzzle series in which you must create the required balls by using each set of tools in the correct order.

Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level! This game is highly anticipated: even more than a year after Factory Balls 2 I’m still getting daily mails from people asking me when I’ll do Factory Balls 4

How to play Factory Balls 3

Use or apply the tools by simply dragging the white ball onto them.

Take a ball out of the rotating bin and drag/drop it over the tools provided for each level to reproduce the ball shown on the front of the cardboard box.