Factory Balls 5 Game

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Factory Balls 5 HTML5

Factory Balls 5

Factory Balls 5

Factory Balls 5 is the latest version of this famous game. You may think that assembly lines are a tedious task, but playing Factory Balls 5 will give you a completely different look. The player’s mission is to create balls similar to the target balls printed on the container. Grab a white ball and drag it into the available tools to develop the necessary ball. There is no time limit or penalty for making wrong moves in Factory Balls 5, so you can try different ways to find your way to success.
In each level, you’ll see the target design of your ball on the shipping box. Starting from a plain white ball, get to work by clicking the tools you want to use and try to manufacture the correct ball. There is no time limit or punishment for making incorrect moves, so you can try several different configurations to feel your way to success.
If you enjoy a cerebral challenge and are keen for a mental workout, you will enjoy Factory Balls 5! The game requires not so high in playing techniques, just give you a good strategy to conquer every level of the game and win. This is a very interesting game and gives you absolute comfort moments after a hard and exhausting day.

Features of Factory Balls 5

- 221 unique levels
– refreshingly tricky puzzles
– train your brain
– for young and old
– 5 standard level packs
– extra Halloween themed level pack

How to play Factory Balls 5

- Use the available tools and make a ball as shown.
– Use the mouse to select add-ons and click the paint to cover each ball.