Factory Balls Forever Game

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Factory Balls Forever HTML5

Factory Balls Forever

Factory Balls Forever is a logical puzzle game in which you must color the balls correctly.

Your task in the Factory Balls Forever game is to decorate the different balls according to the exact specifications of each customer and then send them out. You will be given a blueprint for what is expected and then must fit into that blueprint perfectly. To accomplish this feat, you will be given an airbrush and a variety of equipment used to paint the correct shapes on the empty ball. It is up to you and you alone to figure out the order to apply stencils and then paint. Your score will be based on the time you take to complete an accurate ball. The game has so many levels, it gets harder and harder as the level goes up.

How to play the Factory Balls Forever game

Use the mouse to click through the stenciling options available around the white factory ball.