Factory Balls Game

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Factory Balls HTML5

Factory Balls

Factory Balls

Factory Balls is a problem solving game that emphasizes logic and sequential reasoning. Your job is to create a design that matches the customer’s order! This is a logic puzzle game that will challenge kids and adults. In Factory Balls, you will have to use logical thinking to create painted balls by combining colors and tools. The object of Factory Balls is to create balls with designs that match the target ball in each level.

Utilize the different colors and tools in the correct order to create a matching ball. Use or apply the tools by simply dragging the white ball onto them. Work with a partner or pencil and paper to plan out your steps.

In each level, you will see the target design of your ball on the shipping carton. Starting with a simple white ball, get to work by clicking on the tools you want to use and try to make the right ball.

Try to find a way how to reproduce the required design to complete each level. There are different kinds of factory tools such as color spray, duct tape, etc. Some of the levels will have hidden tools and you will have to experiment to find out the result. If you make a mistake, you can always trash the ball and start again. Play Factory Balls 2 here.

How to play Factory Balls

Use your mouse to select a white ball, then drag it over the tools or paint to change its appearance.