Farafalla 2 Game

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Farafalla 2 HTML5

Farafalla 2

Farafalla 2

Farafalla 2 is an interesting game about a falling hero. He has the noble duty of rescuing his girlfriend locked in a dangerous place in the sky. Collect enough balloons to help both fly to the ground completely.
This maze game has only 1 single level. There are no maps or directions, players have to explore by themselves. All routes are selected by the player. Run, jump, up, down and look for the colored balloons that are attached to the key. Farafalla also does not have monsters, dangerous obstacles, the only thing is to manipulate memory and collect enough balls.
Graphics and simple gameplay, Farafalla 2 suitable for all ages and you can play at any time. Farafalla 2 provides light entertainment for those who have free time. His girlfriend is very scared, playing Farafalla and quickly helping him rescue his girlfriend.

How to play Farafalla 2

Use your arrow keys to move and jump