Farafalla Game

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Farafalla HTML5



Farafalla is an amazing adventure game for kids, where you are entering the maze without any map. All you have to do is to help our powerful hero, who falls from above moving around the idle maze. At Farafalla, your job is to find out what’s going on. You must collect bubbles that are connected to the keywords. However, a big part of your challenge is figuring out how everything in the game is connected. To pass the game, your logic and creative thinking skills will be tested.
However, the game has its own challenges, you need to brainstorm and think which way to go, and most importantly, you have to find the rest. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually win! Try to practice your problem-solving skills, as well as logical thinking, to find a way out. Hope you have fun and good luck.
You can play the game Farafalla in full screen mode using the full screen button located at the top right of the game screen. If you like this game, you can rate it with a rating from one to five using the stars in the description.
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How to play Farafalla

Use the arrow keys to move