Farm Frenzy 4 Game

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Farm Frenzy 4 HTML5

Farm Frenzy 4

Farm Frenzy 4

Farm Frenzy 4 is the 4th version in the famous Farm Frenzy farm management simulation series. Coming to Farm Frenzy 4, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the countryside to experience the peaceful life of the countryside right on your own computer.
The familiar farm game series Farm Frenzy has launched its fourth installment with completely new content and graphics. In Farm Frenzy 4, you will inherit a lovely farm from your grandparents. But the farm business was not very successful and it was in danger of being confiscated. Your task is to try to preserve and redevelop your farm with your own labor.
Choose to create your favorite character and experience interesting jobs on the family’s small farm. Start raising cattle, collecting the fruits of your labor with activities like collecting eggs, milking cows, harvesting sheep … trading agricultural products and making lots of money.
Completing the mission is that you can pass the screen and buy yourself more useful upgrades. You can search for hidden objects to fill your energy column. With each trophy that marks the achievement, you will receive an item to help you with your work.
Remember to keep the grass fresh so your chickens and cows will always have enough food. Also when playing Farm Frenzy 4, you also watch the bears, they will attack your chickens and other pets at any time. If possible, you can also catch the bears, lock them up and sell them to the zoo for a sizable sum of money.
If you are a follower of the management game genre or simply want to find a light entertainment game, play Farm Frenzy 4 and embark on renovating farms and taking care of pets and plants as real farmer.

How to play Farm Frenzy 4

Use the left mouse button to play