Farm Frenzy Game

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Farm Frenzy HTML5

Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy a game that allows you to run a farm. Based on the fields where your pets are grazed to collect eggs, milk and other products for sale at the fair. Farm Frenzy is a game with real challenges, except that you do not have to endure the true stench of a farm. However, you will have to invest the money you earn for the new tools. For example, when you build a dairy or ice cream production site, you will be able to process your products and sell more money.
To win a game in Farm Frenzy, you have to complete a task such as buying some pets or producing the required amount of fabric or creating other products. You can find business contracts in Farm Frenzy to increase your farm investment and improve the operations of your bakery, workshops and other production facilities. You can also buy larger trailers to transport larger quantities to the market for sale. Even the best farmers face bears that occasionally appear in the area. Large wild animals will sometimes attack your farm, eat up your crops and chase the animals you raise. However, you can use these bears for beneficial purposes. To prevent aggressive bears from coming to ruin your farm, you can catch bears in a cage and send them to the facility where both children and adults can watch and enjoy them.
Depending on the level in Farm Frenzy, you can unlock different functions and cultivars. And there are many interesting features that you can explore by yourself.

How to play Farm Frenzy

Use the left mouse button to play