Fat Slice 2 Game

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Fat Slice 2 HTML5

Fat Slice 2

Fat Slice 2

Fat Slice 2 is an excellent and fun game in which you must test out your slicing skills. You are present with a range of different objects that you must splice correctly to achieve your goal in each level.
You will come across different obstacles as you play such as bouncing balls, bombs, and even walls that you cannot break. Try and get all of the achievements in the game and see if you can become a master slicer!
Play a cool slicing game in which your mission is to slice and clear most of the area in each level without touching the balls. Try to slice the colored block. There are one or more little white balls traveling through the block. Can you cut bits off the block without splitting up the balls or cutting through them? You have to reduce the size of the block by a certain percentage with as few cuts as possible! Along the way, you will also have to find your way around obstacles you can not cut. How many pies can you score?
Sequel to the first Fat Slice, try to reach the desired goal size. Let the slicing continue. Chop that Shape to Little Bits!
Avoid bouncing balls, bombs, and impenetrable walls.
Do you like slicey games? Good. We have an especially annoying one for you. Avoid white balls and white lines. Cut as much shape away as you can, using as few slices as you can. How good are you? Pumpkin? Cherry? Strawberry

Features of Fat Slice 2

- Multiple levels to play
– Different shapes to slice
– Obstacles that can avoid your slice
– Achievements to get
– Clean game interface

How to play Fat Slice 2

Use the mouse to make slices.