Fat Slice Game

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Fat Slice HTML5

Fat Slice

Fat Slice

Fat Slice is a puzzle game, where the objective is to cut off pieces of the game area until only a target percentage remains by slicing it into pieces. This would be an easy task if it weren’t for bouncing balls. In this sweet puzzle fun game, you have to slice the blocks with your mouse. Of course, you may not touch the balls and you also can not separate these balls. In this game, you can use your mouse button as a kind of knife. Cut the figures following the instructions given.
While balls are bouncing in a small space, you got to constrain them to a more tiny place! First, choose where you want to start. Then try to make fat slices to pen up all the balls!
Fat Slice to get to the right mark! By picking a level from the menu, you’ll get a graphical representation of the shape you’ll be cutting. Each shape has a ball or multiple balls that need to stay in each of your slices. Complete each slice and using the bar above the shape, cut it down to the right size!

Features of Fat Slice

- Multiple levels to play
– Different shapes to slice
– Obstacles that can avoid your slice
– Achievements to get
– Clean game interface

How to play Fat Slice

Slice shape – Click and drag the mouse to draw a line that cuts off the smaller side of the slice. This only works if all the balls are on the same side, and if you do not collide with the balls.
Use the mouse to make slices.