Feed Me Moar Game

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Feed Me Moar HTML5

Feed Me Moar

Feed Me Moar

Feed Me Moar is a puzzle game in which the player must find a way to put a purple liquid in the mouth of one or more hungry monsters. Scientists have studied fruits and vegetables to make them bigger and more delicious. One day, they injected an apple with the mixture they found and gave it to three small mice. Once the mice eat the apples, they grow up and turn into monsters. Now the monsters want more of the same mixture. You can feed them in Feed Me Moar.
The liquid is fired from a ray gun and follows the general rules of physics and gravity, meaning that the liquid can only travel very far before falling to the ground. Players in Feed Me Moar have a limited amount of time to act, as they have to activate platforms, flames, triggers, magnets or many other types of support tools to allow fluid to pass through a feed. Space seems insurmountable. The player must obey the order to allow the mechanisms of the level to work in a beneficial way. Players who raise monsters in the most efficient way will earn three stars and the opportunity to advance to the next level.
Feed Me Moar has 35 levels and the ability of the player to receive a total of 105 stars gives players a lot of opportunities to try and retry the level. Feed Me Moar is a great game for planning thinking skills. In this way, Feed Me Moar becomes a kind of logical, linear game.

How to play Feed Me Moar

Use the left mouse button to play