Fireboy and Watergirl kiss Game

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Fireboy and Watergirl kiss HTML5

Fireboy and Watergirl kiss

Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss

Fireboy and Watergirl kiss is an online flash game with fireboy and watergirl in the category of Puzzle. This is a kissing game, one of the first games where you will help boys and girls kiss, but not in the way that you are used to kissing. Fireboy must win the heart of a Watergirl. Let’s send a passionate kiss to Watergirl. Includes a total of 20 levels in this game. Can you help him. Fireboy’s heart can reach Watergirl at least move. If the heart beats more than 8 walls, you will lose the game. The minimum number of moves to reach the heart, earn more points. If you will succeed at the game level. This level will be recorded. After you can start from the latest level you have played.

You can play the game Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss in full screen mode by using the full screen button located at the top right of the game screen.

How to play Fireboy and Watergirl kiss

You can play this game for free. On your computer, you can play this game with the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. On your mobile phone or tablet, you can play this game on the touch screen by touching or swiping. The game must fit your screen. If there is a notice on the direction of your phone or tablet, please turn your phone or tablet to adjust the direction.
-You can use mouse or arrow keys to control this game easily.
– Use SPACEBAR to reset level
– Use the M key to mute
We wish you good luck.