FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure Game

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FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure HTML5

FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure

FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure

In FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure, FireBoy and WaterGirl are on an entirely new adventure. This game is set in an unknown land, maybe even more dangerous than the places they have been.
Your mission in the game FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure is to help FireBoy and WaterGirl overcome a series of challenges, these obstacles FireBoy and WaterGirl can not be completed alone. Explore completely new levels, plan your escape and try to find an exit, avoid obstacles and jump over traps. You must help each other to escape safely. Play solo with both hands or in co-op mode with your friends. You can turn yourself into a ball and roll instead of walking. To complete each level, you need to collect all red and blue gems. Solve puzzles that control both and avoid deadly traps.
The gameplay of FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure is slightly different from the games you know from games like Forest Temple or Elements. Fireboy and Watergirl must once again pass many levels where they will find many pitfalls and treasures. Here, collecting all diamonds is needed to complete the level. To do this, the two of you have to cooperate, but you won’t find as many intricate puzzles as in temples. Both characters have also gained a new ability to turn into a ball, so they can go to places with very small entrances. The correct use of this ability is important to complete all 24 levels.

How to play game FireBoy and WaterGirl New Adventure

This game has also been designed for two players, but playing alone does not pose a problem on most levels.
– Control FireBoy
AD to move to move
W to jump
S to turn into ball
– Control WaterGirl
Left and right arrow keys to move
Up arrow key to jump
Down arrow key to turn into shadow