Fist Punch Game

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Fist Punch HTML5

Fist Punch

Fist Punch

Fist Punch is a great Cartoon Network fighting game and features characters from your favorite shows. Mordecai and Rigby’s best friends, have been kidnapped by an evil character nicknamed the night owl. They did not want to stay without doing anything against this event and they decided to embark on an adventure. In this adventure, they will destroy the men of the night owl and then they will try to save their friends. It was a day like any other day for Mordecai and Rigby, the two heroes of the regular show.

They were quietly drinking a hot drink in a cafe on the corner when Suddenly The Night Owl landed and forced the waitress to take her into his museum as an ordinary work of art. Mordecai and Rigby can’t stand still, but they will need your help to rescue the waitress. Let Mordecai and Rigby know that they can trust you when they have problems. When you finish the game and everyone is safe, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite characters from the Regular Program. We know that you are strong enough to overcome this battle.

How to play Fist Punch game?

To control the character currently playing, use the left and right arrow keys to move from side to side.

With the up arrow key, you will jump and the down arrow key will help you avoid enemies and lean forward. Playing as one or two players, you will fight with a lot of enemies, punch and kick them but also defeat them by performing devastating combo moves.

The regular show –  Fist Punch game is an attack that offers 3 different levels with hundreds of opponents to fight. You can attack with N key or M key on keyboard. If you press the N key three times, you will perform combo moves giving you more points. Be careful who wants to attack you on your mission. Avoid obstacles your way, and try your best to save your friend.