Five nights at freddy's Game

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Five nights at freddy's HTML5

Five nights at freddy's

Five nights at freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game genre created and developed by developer Scott Cawthon that was launched in 2014 and so far this game has many new versions. This is the first part of the horror series, set in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, where the player plays the role of the guard Mike Schmidt to keep the restaurant at night through security cameras. During the day, this is a paradise for children to have fun and mess with the group of funny and lovely machine animals; But at night, it was really a nightmare for the guard.

At night, the beasts began to move and attacked him. Players have to watch the security camera and lights to use the electric door when necessary, just have to pay attention to the remaining battery because the more night, the animals become more crazy and the battery will drain faster. than.

You need to balance the amount of power consumed to provide security doors and cameras, every time you switch from one camera to another you consume a lot of electrical power. So be careful and limit the movement as little as possible. If you run out of electricity, you will not be protected by any door and will have to grop in the dark to face the mysterious robots and predict what terrible things will happen. You need to survive 6am without being attacked by robots.

Players will experience the feeling of anxiety, not knowing where the robots are, not knowing where they will jump and when, not knowing how much power is still used, not attacking them … doing they are hopeless and helpless in the dark. Players will endure direct Jumpscare if they ignore defense, or run out of electricity; with the creepy atmosphere and sounds of Pizza in the middle of the night; mysteries that cannot be solved. This game has made a name of many gamers in the world, including Markiplier.

How to play Five nights at freddy’s game?

Five Nights at Freddy’s – just click your mouse to switch surveillance cameras and protect the pizzeria from the onslaught of terrifying beasts.