Flip Master Game

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Flip Master HTML5

Flip Master

Flip Master

Flip Master is a game of jumping on the trampoline extremely interesting. You love adventure games, aerobatics like circus performers, with real life you do not have the opportunity to do it but with this game will give you the experience.
You will control a person jumping on a trampoline, by jumping up and performing aerial acrobatics to collect gold coins and land correctly (trampoline). Ground with your feet to avoid damage to body parts, such as when you hit the ground with your head, you will always lose your life due to a broken neck or brain injury. When you fly out of a trampoline and fall to the ground or hit the surrounding wall, you will lose your life.
Create stunning acrobatics in the air and more, try to see where you are, how much points you can gain with this game.
The game has stunts of carefully-designed trampoline based on professional trampoline, no one should try to reproduce any hops or activities performed on this game.
Outperform all other players by scoring as many points as possible in the list of players with the highest scores.
The game is not limited to playing time, as long as you have the ability to let your character jump for a long time.
The game is free to download and when played, it is suitable for all types of players so anyone can join this game.
You can play anywhere, anytime, this game will help you relax very well after a hard day of studying and working and help you kill time very well such as when you wait for the bus , you’re waiting for someone or you’re in line. Surely you will be satisfied with this game.

How to play Flip Master

Flip Master uses the mouse to perform acrobatics and landing. You will automatically jump after touching the trampoline.