FNaF 2 Game

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FNaF 2

FNaF 2

FNaF 2 has returned and offers players more interesting challenges. With the sequel to this awesome horror game, players once again work at Freddy’s pizza place, your job is to monitor the camera and make sure there’s nothing wrong after work and of course, you have to be patient. Preserve again for the strange opportunities and troubles that will occur.
The game will feature much more advanced electronic animation of robots, as well as security systems – now they have facial recognition software. You have to take care of the night shift again and keep an eye on the security cameras. This second part is as exciting as the first and also brings new gameplay elements. This time there will be no security door to protect you, but there is something in your favor. Remember: if an animated pet accidentally enters your office, the only way to trick her into leaving you alone will be wearing a fake Freddy Fazbear mask. You must regularly monitor the surveillance cameras and 3 entrances to your office, turn on the flashlight if necessary and do not forget to turn on the music box.
The game consists of five levels referred to as “nights”, increasing in difficulty. Completing all five adds a star to the title screen and unlocks an even more difficult sixth night, which in turn adds a second star and unlocks a “Custom Night” upon completing the night. In the Custom Night, the player can adjust the AI difficulty of the individual animatronics (0 to 20) or play one of ten pre-set challenges. Completing Custom Night with every animatronic set to 20 results in adding the final star to the title screen.

How to play FNaF 2

Use the left mouse button to navigate and look around.