FNaF 7 Game

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FNaF 7

FNaF 7

FNaF 7 has appeared with old friends from previous installments – animation, created to entertain pizza visitors. In this FNaF 7 game, you will work at this Zoolax Inc location. You will work as a night guard. You are going to work night shifts and you need to survive those 5 nights by avoiding animation. This unblocked Fnaf Part 7 game is a challenging and scary game. The map will be dark, meaning you will see only a few steps in front of you and the rest will be covered with shadows.
You will not know what is in front of you which means you need to be extremely careful while walking and opening doors. Stay to your left and right because animation can come from different places. Fnaf 7 is like the original FNaF game. Except in this game, you will have to watch a lot of cameras. You will also have small puzzles that you need to solve on time all the time.

How to play FNaF 7

Your job is to control the camera and prevent the robot creatures from coming to your room. You can do it in many different ways, one of which is to control the fountain in the middle of the room. You can control the door in front of you to buy turn on and turn off the light. That will prevent electronic animation from going inside from there. Next is the little puzzle that will convert itself over time. When that happens, you will need to react quickly and restore images to their previous state. You can also hide below the desk if you see some animation on the camera coming to your room. All those actions will draw energy from the energy bar will be on your left. Use energy wisely.