Fold Wars Game

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Fold Wars HTML5

Fold Wars

Fold Wars

Fold Wars is part of the Strategy and Defense Tower game genre that challenges your ability to think logically about time and space.
Your task in the Fold Wars game is to place the towers on an open map to save your gold stolen by enemies. You engrave the enemy path away. Depending on your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses, you plan your strategy to put the right tower at the right place at the right time. The score takes into account all aspects of your strategy and rewards you for the most effective plan. There are many difficulty levels to choose from, so you are not stuck.
Waves of enemy ships are trying to steal gold from your mines. First, click on the tower in the top left corner to select it. Then click on an open square to place it. Your tower will automatically shoot when enemies come near. Try to build a winding path and maximize the distance that enemies have to go (EBL) while they go through all your towers. If you feel stuck, try the easy mode and perfect your strategies.

How to play Fold Wars

Choose a tower type from the menu and place the towers on the map.
You can switch between towers by pressing Q, W, E or A.
Use Q – Gun
Use the W – Canon
Use the E – Laser
Use the A – block
Use the F – Time to forward
Use Space – Pause
At the following levels, you can upgrade your tower range and firing rate. To do this, simply click on the tower you want to upgrade and click on the range icon or fire speed to upgrade. Press fast forward to zoom the level when you have set up a powerful maze.