Forgotten Hill: Surgery Game

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Forgotten Hill: Surgery HTML5

Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Forgotten Hill: Surgery is a fabulous detective game. There is another mystery at Forgotten Hill. This time you find yourself in a cold and creepy room with only vague memories of horrors you faced. The only thing that you do know, is that you have to escape from the surgery clinic! Have fun with Forgotten Hill Surgery, a new point-and-click adventure game in which you need to solve puzzles and discover a way to escape… and to survive…Your goal is to escape the surgery clinic!
Forgotten Hill: Surgery tests players with puzzle after puzzle linked up in complicated ways. Plenty of backtracking will be required to unlock and explore new areas, and discover the keys to resolving puzzles. Don’t succumb to the temptation to inspect things willy-nilly, though. One wrong move and you might find yourself consumed alive by flies, devoured by an angry leech, or one of the assorted other unpleasant ways to meet your demise. Fortunately, you are thrown back to the menu screen and your game can be resumed from immediately before your fatal decision. This leaves you none the worse off aside from the trauma of the jump scare.
Forgotten Hill: Surgery a new adventure point and click game, third chapter in the series. Meet new weird and creepy characters, solve puzzles and riddles to find a way to escape and gather new information on the story of Forgotten Hill. Will you survive?

How to play Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Use the mouse to control this game.