Frizzle Fraz 3 Game

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Frizzle Fraz 3 HTML5

Frizzle Fraz 3

Frizzle Fraz 3

Frizzle Fraz is back for a whole new adventure. This is the third game in the Frizzle Fraz series. Frizzle approaches the door at the end of the level while collecting frantic creatures, keys and coins. Avoid being attacked from bad animals along the way.
This time Frizzle is looking for her missing friend, Little Frizzle. Your mission in the game Frizzle Fraz 3 is Help him rescue them and collect the keys he needs to complete each level in this cute action game. Beware though there will be many obstacles and enemies like icky mushrooms and scary crows along the way. Jump over obstacles, avoid enemies and solve fun puzzles. Do not forget to take the keys because without them, you will not be able to go further. This is a very interesting game and you will have a lot of fun with it.
The quality of this game is excellent and you will have the most enjoyable time with it. Nothing to worry about the graphics of the game because it’s great. You will be shocked to see the graphics of this online game. Whenever you want you can play this online game and it will be very interesting for you to play the game. Just try online and share with your friends to make it more interesting.

How to play game Frizzle Fraz 3

Use the left and right arrow keys to move.