Frizzle Fraz Game

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Frizzle Fraz HTML5

Frizzle Fraz

Frizzle Fraz

Frizzle Fraz is a game with very nice and funny images and interfaces, promising to bring you many interesting and unexpected emotions. In this great online mini game, you will control a very fancy circular block designed as funny cartoon characters, moving in icy lands and cold snow. The need to dodge the ice-filled bunkers, deep pits, plus collecting other allies along the way will increase the appeal of the game.

This circular block will always jump nonstop, and you can help them jump higher by jumping on the heads of strange animals lying along the way. And when you have overcome the obstacles, a cozy house with fireplaces and flames is waiting for you. Collect keys and Frizzy creatures in the classic Frizz Fraz game. Be careful not to touch any red evil creatures. Use left and right arrows to move. In each level, you have to come to the door with as many coins and create insanity where you can collect the most points.

This fun adventure game has a simple content, so it is suitable for you to find interesting entertainment moments after hours of study and work tired and stress. Let’s explore the surprises in this Ice Land game, and you will have more fun in life. Click to play¬†Frizzle Fraz 2 game.

How to play Frizzle Fraz

Use the Arrow keys to Move Save the little madness and collect the key while avoiding unpleasant things.