Gem Swap Game

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Gem Swap HTML5

Gem Swap

Gem Swap

Gem Swap is a fun match-3 styled intellectual game.
Join the game, players will discover the secrets of the Gem Planet, combining colorful sparkling stones together according to the principle of match 3 through many challenging levels. You will turn through each stage with challenges and increasing difficulty, trying to find the hidden treasure.
The common job of the player is to assemble from 3 stones of the same type standing next to each other in the same row or column to explode and disappear from the screen. If you combine 4 or 5 stones in a row, you will create a stone with special power, capable of breaking more stones at once. Eliminate the lightning icon to remove all members of the same color on it on the screen, the members have +1 icon to increase the number of swaps. If the number of swaps to 0 screen will appear 1 more column of gems on the right hand side and push to the left.
Each level is a different challenge and is limited to a certain number of moves. Your goal is to complete the requirements as quickly as possible and earn 3 stars for each level. Do not think that you can clear the game quickly.
Features of the Gem Swap game
Stunning graphics and eye-catching special effects.
The booster add-in has incredible power and gives you more bonuses.
Combining unique combos creates colorful explosions.
Many special rewards and events for players to conquer.
Build a Planet Gem in your own style.
Challenge friends and climb to the top of the rankings.
Besides simple and attractive gameplay, gamers are also immersed in a beautiful colorful world. Try to go far and discover many interesting things about this land.

How to play the game Gem Swap

Use the left mouse button to swap cells side by side to arrange 3 or more same-colored gems in vertical or horizontal rows to score points.