Genius Mechanic Game

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Genius Mechanic HTML5

Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic is a game that allows you to create to create your own vehicle. You can build a car, an airplane, a crane, a tank or whatever machine, there are many options for you to build. If you love making machines, creating unique machines unlike any other vehicle, this game will help you do that too.

This game gives you the ability to think and train your creativity.

The game gives you options so you can build machines and make them work based on physical phenomena … Be it the engine, the case, or the color. of the object…

Start with the basics and gradually add more complex parts to it, see how far your imagination can go.

There is no limit to what you create so it is not boring for you to play.

You are free to play, so you do not have to worry about money when playing it, the game is not limited in age and gender of the player, so anyone can join this game.

Foreover, this is a very good game for children, because it helps them practice creative thinking.

New versions of the game will be updated regularly so you should follow along to download newer versions.

After finishing your machines you can save it, see how your machine works and share it on social networks.

How to play Genius Mechanic game

Genius Mechanic is adjusted with the following characters:

Use the right mouse button to rotate the camera.

Hold the left ctrl to move the camera

Use mouse wheel for zoom

Use the left mouse button to make options.

And the instructions will be detailed in a game character, when you click on the icons, there will be instructions and you will know what you need to do next. Creativity is limitless so please promote it.