Geometry Dash Game

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Geometry Dash HTML5

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fast moving game of square blocks. The game has very simple gameplay but requires fast and decisive speed.
The game has 21 official levels and more than 40 million online levels made by players. Each level has different interface combined with vibrant sound. The higher the level, the harder the level of difficulty increases and the more skill you have to move. Because you’ve been playing easy levels and practicing a lot of time, your ability to play has increased and the level increases will make you excited, not bored.
Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character, there are two character images that are box and animal head. The cube moves continuously forward and it only has the ability to jump up and down, and the animal’s head is capable of flying in space.
Regardless of the character’s shape, you need to move skillfully, your character is constantly moving forward, where there are many dangers waiting for the wave as sharp spikes are interspersed with the high box block. When you jump carelessly onto the blocks you will most likely hit sharp spikes and lose your life.
You can play in practice mode to train your skills, train your reflexes quickly.
A fast-paced game will help you practice your hand and eye reflexes.
The game is completely free and there is no limit to the playing time, anyone can play this game. However, to become a good player, overcome many levels, you need to practice really hard. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and glide through dangerous passages and obstacles.
You can play this game full screen or smaller, pause / resume / restart and enable / disable sounds on the game screen.

How to play Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a very simple game. You can use mouse or WASD or arrow keys to control in this game.