Getaway Shootout Game

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Getaway Shootout HTML5

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a chaotic race between many people to escape in each map. You will participate in the race against the computer or with your friends, see who will be the first to spit. In the course of racing against many people, you can destroy learning by collecting power and weapons along the way, and navigating through difficult maps.
Your characters are 2D humanoid characters with an extremely simple game interface, only capable of jumping to move and take things.
Survive by jumping to the left and right and use your power and weapons to gain an advantage over your opponent. Weapons and power will appear a lot on the way, anyone can use it. These weapons can only be used a number of times. Once you find the weapon, you must not forget your racing mission, combined with a gun to jump and shoot this will be useful for you.
All you need to do in this to win is to move skillfully and quickly to gain the advantage over your opponent.
There are many levels that require you to have the right tactics, overcome all levels to become the best player in this game.
Join this completely free game to enjoy the fun it brings to you.
You can play online or download to play this game. When playing online you can share your results on social networks or save your results in the rankings of high-performing people from which you get the goal to strive for.

How to play Getaway Shootout game

Getaway Shootout is a race controlled as follows:
Player 1:
W / E: Turn / Jump
R: Power Up
Player 2:
I / O: Turn / Jump
P: Power Up
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