Gift Rush 2 Game

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Gift Rush 2 HTML5

Gift Rush 2

Gift Rush 2

Gift Rush 2 is the second part of this exciting puzzle series. Daddy Longlegs is a good father, his daughter loves flies. Daddy Longlegs decided that he would collect flies and put them in gift boxes to give to his daughter at Christmas. And again, Daddy Longlegs needs your help.
Similar to Gift Rush, in Gift Rush 2, you have two ways to complete your task: bring gift boxes to flies or bring flies to gift boxes. You can throw silk at the wall to move to the position you want. With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I believe you will have fun moments when playing Gift Rush 2.
In Gift Rush 2, you have 20 levels to conquer. When you play at a higher level, the game will become more difficult. To complete a level, you need to move to good positions and you have to pay attention to physics. This game has no time limit, so you can play comfortably. When the fly hits the gift box, you will complete the level. If you get stuck, you can click the Help button to see instructions. Remember: flies and gift boxes can’t move and you can throw silk to get to them.
In each stage, you have to find a way to put your target in the gift box, quickly and throw your spider web on the podium to move forward. You will meet pahri special walls and you have to be careful, because you may be stuck on them. Complete all 20 challenging levels and have fun Gift Rush 2.

How to play Gift Rush 2

Use mouse to throw silk