Gift Rush Game

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Gift Rush HTML5

Gift Rush

Gift Rush

Gift Rush is a great online logic game for all ages. Your goal is to help a spider give his Christmas gift to his girlfriend to impress her. Bring her a gift, or bring her to the gift. This is not easy, you must use silk and walls to move gifts.
You will go through many stages with different difficulties. In each stage, try to find a way to move your target into the box. You need to drop the thread to the wall to be able to move forward. Paper boxes, spider webs on walls are obstacles you need to handle and overcome. Try to beat all challenges and achieve your goals.
20 levels in Gift Rush are 20 challenges waiting for you. Can you help the spider conquer his lover by giving her 20 gifts? Christmas will be happier and warmer with couples. Gift Rush a gentle puzzle game that can be played at leisure.

How to play Gift Rush

Use the mouse to aim at the wall