Give Up 2 Game

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Give Up 2 HTML5

Give Up 2

Give Up 2

Give Up 2 is the sequel to the Give Up game. It is much more like the first game. However, there are some changes in game play levels but no changes in graphics and all.
In Give Up 2, you will be tormented by a big renunciation button trying to tempt you. Many levels will seem too difficult. In each level, you will reach the emergency exit while avoiding guns, lasers, spikes, etc. You control a small blue stick and you must guide him through a series of difficulty levels. In addition, there is a large button on the screen that says Abandon. So if you feel you can’t complete the level, click that button and a video with a special message will play for you.
How long can you deal with it without clicking on ‘Give up’? Will you finish it, or will it make you nervous? Dodge dozens of deadly traps and reach the exit!
This fun game starts with a light note with just a few stunts and tricks needed to pass each level and to the door at the end. Things will not always be so easy, more obstacles are added along the way as the levels get higher and higher, there will be platforms to jump up and move over, guns and lasers to avoid and even Releases skyrocket at some stage. So will you persevere through these challenges and make it to the end?

How to play Give Up 2

- Use the arrow keys to move your player.
– Click the up arrow twice to jump higher.
– Click the Up arrow and hold the right arrow to cover more distances while jumping.
The initial levels are quite easy and you just need to run to the door. As you progress however new obstacles are added. For example, platforms are added that you must jump on and spikes that you must avoid touching. Moreover, in the following levels, you will encounter guns and lasers that track your movement!