Give Up 3 Game

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Give Up 3 HTML5

Give Up 3

Give Up 3

Give Up 3, you will be tormented by the big abandon button trying to tempt you. Many levels will seem too difficult. In each level, you will reach the emergency exit while avoiding guns, lasers, spikes, etc. You control a small blue stick and you must guide him through a series of difficulty levels. The task of the player is to overcome obstacles on the way and run to the destination safely.
After the Give Up success where millions of users died trying to complete 40 levels, the sequel comes with better graphics, curious obstacles and nearly impossible levels. Give Up is a pretty hard game, in which you have to support happy Blob, singing this song when jumping through 18 different songs.
You are back, stuck to entertain Tasselfoot again. Will you survive this time or will you GIVE UP?
In the third part of the challenging platform game, you have to overcome many obstacles and deadly traps to overcome the exit door alive.

How to play Give Up 3

The initial levels are quite easy and you just need to run to the door. As you progress however new obstacles are added. For example, platforms are added that you must jump on and spikes that you must avoid touching. Moreover, in the following levels, you will encounter guns and lasers that track your movement! Can you persevere and complete every level, or can the pull of the Give Give Up button be too strong?
You can turn on / off the sound on the game screen.
You can play this game in full screen mode.
If you have trouble, you can click the Walkential button to see instructions.
This game also has five bonus levels for you.