Gluey 2 Game

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Gluey 2 HTML5

Gluey 2

Gluey 2

Colorful Gluey 2 is back and comes with a bunch of new power boosts and fun game changes to make this game even more awesome. Just like the previous game, your task is to try to eliminate the target number of blobs in the container while keeping them below the dotted line. The blobs of the same color that touch together will merge into a bigger blob. The fused blobs have eyes and can be removed by one click. Every time you remove a blob, more blobs are added to the container. Spots with locks or bombs are immobile, but can be removed like any other blob. Remove a blob with a bomb which will destroy the surrounding blobs. Sometimes, a blob will have a Rubik’s cube in it, allowing you to shuffle the blobs in the container. Remember, the bigger the blob, the more points you’ll score
There will be a total of 20 different levels for the player, so try to collect enough blobs to complete the level. The game will be lost if blobs flow on the top row. Watch! If you want to clear the screen or pass more difficult levels, you’ll have to plan and think ahead. Note: You can return to any level to improve your total score anytime! Enjoy the Relaxing level to play the game at your own pace.

How to play  Gluey 2

The game is not too difficult. You will use your mouse to click on the Glue and make them disappear. The bigger your blob, the higher your score will be. So create your own strategies and plan your strategies to reach a higher level.