Gluey Game

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Gluey HTML5



Gluey brings players a puzzle game full of fun and engaging. In this game, each level has a lot of stuck blobs and your goal is to eliminate them effectively and reach the level goal. The painted skins in this game will do nothing better than find a daub of the same color, to cling to it. Then you can remove them. If you click on a paint layer, it will disappear, so that the spots next to, below or above it are closer to each other, or even to touch each other. There may also be paintings hidden inside a different skin color. In that case, you have to click on the daub around them to release the small daub. The goal is to remove all paints from the tank. Use special items to improve your score
Think carefully before making a choice, because you will have to gain a minimum of points to move on to the next level. The bigger the blobs, the more points you get and use special items to improve your score. When you have completed all the levels, you will have access to ‘zen mode’. Do your best to find the surprises that are waiting for you there!

How to play Gluey

The game will not be too challenging for players when you simply click on groups of blobs of the same color to remove them from the board and meet the goals of each level. Keep an eye out for trapped blobs and power up to increase your score. If you want to clear the screen or pass more difficult levels, you’ll have to plan and think ahead.