Good Daddy Game

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Good Daddy HTML5

Good Daddy

Good Daddy

Good Daddy is a physics-based platform game, your job is to help boys avoid obstacles and go to school. A good father always wants to protect his children from danger. Therefore, in this game, you will be playing the role of a good father and fighting against the dangers in front of our children. You will be shown the sacrifice of a father for his little child. Will be the screen designed to show you can show your intelligence when cleverly using the transforming shapes of the father to create conditions for the child to go to school as well as some other maps. There are three shapes that you can change, which are circles, squares and triangles, that will fit in the same shaped obstacles in each game’s challenge. And when you’re ready, press the Space key to start moving your child. If necessary, you will have to stop the boy before the pitfalls ahead. Besides, you can choose the stationary objects of the stars on the stage and try to go for extra points.
Good Daddy is an attractive mini game and it also has a very good educational meaning, showing you the care and care of your parents right from the moment you start school. This interesting game also has a friendly interface and character images, causing excitement. Be a great father in the hearts of your children.

How to play Good Daddy

Move the father using the right and left arrow keys or keys A, D. Use 1, 2, 3 keys to change shape to fight the hazards. Press the space bar to run or stop.