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Google Feud HTML5

Google Feud

Google Feud

If you’re free and want to kill time, Google Feud is a Web site that can help you do this. Google Feud is an interesting online game inspired by the TV show Family Feud, you will participate in a word guessing game to fill in the gaps and score points. It can be said that the game is addictive and perfectly suitable for you to relax, even when sitting in the office.
Word data is taken from Google Autocomplete, so you have to “think” like Google. Google Feud requires you to choose one of four categories including culture, people, names and questions. Google Feud is like a family feud, but uses top Google search results as a survey. Your task in the Google Feud game is to enter the crossword, if the word you enter is correct you will score depending on the rank of the word.
The Google Feud game uses the Google API to check what Google autocomplete will suggest if you start typing a search engine query. You play with the world’s largest search engine and have to guess its search suggestions! Each correct answer gives you a certain number of points. Earn as many points as possible and win this famous game! Do not manage to win. How many of these Google queries can you fill while you play this trivia game? Test your knowledge of culture, celebrities, names and questions while you try to avoid dying three times.

Features of Google Feud

Four categories: culture, people, names and questions
False guess limit three
Simple to play but very difficult
Full screen available

How to play game Google Feud

Use mouse and keyboard to play.
Choose one of the categories and try to answer a certain question. There are 10 answers available and you can only afford 3 false guesses in each round.
The ultimate puzzle game that combines Google search results with the Feud Family game. Try to guess all the missing answers without losing all three lives.