Gravitee Wars Game

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Gravitee Wars HTML5

Gravitee Wars

Gravitee Wars

Gravitee Wars is an addictive space shooter inspired by Artillery. You play as a red team. Use gravity and destroy all other colored teams to win. Click and drag to aim and shoot. Blue lines show where your photos will go. Use the arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.
Join the game you will be coming to a battle for control of the galaxy in this space-based artillery game based on the Gravitee game series. Slingshot shoots your rockets around the planets to destroy your enemies and use 10 different weapons and utilities available. As you progress, you will earn up to 50 different prizes and 21 different rewards. Upgrade your team as you earn money by improving the health and accuracy of your unit or by purchasing additional units for your team.
This is a game that attracts players of all ages. There will be many surprises to the player as you go deeper. If you are looking for a game to help you relieve all the pressure after hard working hours, this is the perfect choice for you. Get ready to come to the game and conquer everything right away!

How to play Gravitee Wars

- Click and drag from the highlighted unit to aim.
– Use the WASD keys to move the camera.
– Arrow keys or IJKL to move your units around the planets.
– Destroy all the robots of the enemy before they shoot your team into bits! Pay close attention to how the planets’ gravity affects your hits and make sure to upgrade your team and weapons with your winnings.