Grow Cube Game

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Grow Cube HTML5

Grow Cube

Grow Cube

Grow Cube is a game of creating a place to live with the garden and trees through placing objects on the cube.
You can place a different object each time you move, in order into the cube. They will then grow and influence each other, the order in which you place the objects will affect the cube and determine how things develop. Level up each item and as they level up, they grow in size and structure.
Things are added in a certain order as follows:
After clicking on something, you need to wait for the animation to show before you can click on the next one.
You will drop a worker to the top of your cube.
Then you add water: The water will appear on the left side of the cube, your worker will dig down to touch it, then a geyser of water will spray on it.
Next you plant the tree: The tree will appear along the top of the cube, and another worker will appear.
Your two workers will conduct a river digging, after the excavation is completed, the top part of the cube will turn green.
You put more pots: so your tree will be a little bigger, and another worker will appear. Your workers will start digging the corner of the cube closest to them.
Build a pipe: so your trees will grow a little bigger, and another worker will be created. Your workers will dig further and find a cave.
Lighting the Fire: Your workers will continue to dig more, and one of them will light a fire under the Pots.
Click Disk: At this point, your tube will be expanded further, the plant will be planted in a pot, and the vines will droop. A worker will bring a torch into the dark cave and light the place.
Adding Bones: At this point bones will appear at the bottom of the cube, and the Disc will turn into a large tower. A worker will widen the river so that it flows into the ditched canal in the lower part of the cube.
Set Spring: after setting the spring a lot of things will change.
Click on the ball: A Ball appears in the Tube, then is extended to connect to the Tower, at this point everything will grow to the end and complete, you will see the words Congratulations. Then your mission in the game is done.

How to play Grow Cube

Grow Cube uses the mouse to perform operations.