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Grow Valley HTML5

Grow Valley

Grow Valley

Grow Valley is the newest installment in the Grow puzzle series. You should be excited because this is not just an Eyezmaze game but also a sequel to Development Island.
Initially, there was a valley, it was quite large and empty. Fortunately, you already have seven nodes, each of which will trigger the development of a different type of system you need to succeed. Unfortunately, you can only use each node once and since they all depend on each other, you’ll have to find the correct order to use them for best results. Each time you click a button, the world will grow a bit more complicated and if one system is linked to another already existing, both will grow a bit more. The goal is for everything to be fully upgraded by the end, so maybe your anonymous objects will have sustained energy and high-tech equipment. Better to worship you as their charming lord. Look, don’t try and tell me that you don’t want the small civilization of the hardworking workers. Think of the figurines they will build in your honor.
Like all Eyezmaze games, Grow Valley can be a little odd to say. There is logic to it, but there are lots of errors and trials involving finding out when to use something, and that can be frustrating. Or rather, it would be if the animations and images in this latest section were not too complicated and elaborate. There is a considerable amount of detail and love in the design here that makes this interesting to watch. And in the end, isn’t that half the fun of the Grow game? See your little accomplishments go into their work? Although not very long, Grow Valley is still extremely charming and entertaining, and easily worth ten minutes of your time.
Create a prosperous, advanced society and find 2 ends in Grow Valley, there is a normal and a secret. If you get stuck or need a hint, take advantage of the guides available.

How to play Grow Valley

Use the mouse to click the builders in the proper order to build the most advanced structures in the valley