Guardian Rock Game

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Guardian Rock HTML5

Guardian Rock

Guardian Rock

Guardian Rock is a fun game that requires players to calculate as well as give themselves the logic to solve the puzzle levels in the shortest time. Coming to the game, you will be the guardian of the stone, a powerful hero of the ancient temple. After half of sleep, you rise to protect the glorious temple from the invasion of archaeologists. Your task in this game is to move a square stone, and will simply slip into the level. The faster you can deal with your problem – namely, kill all the tourists that stop you so easy to live, the greater your chance that you will win. Also, you will need to place in a cube with a golden sheen to your win.
The game will have all 48 different puzzles, each level will bring players unique challenges and difficulties. You will have to crush human intruders, avoid spikes, TNT and cannonballs and use ancient traps and equipment in the Mayan temple. Use your special skills to protect the temple from invading archaeologists and then enter the golden exit to advance to the next level.
The game will not be too difficult to control but to be able to overcome all levels and become a player to win is not easy. There will be many surprises when you join the game. So be ready and come to Guardian Rock to discover those great things.

How to play Guardian Rock

Use the arrow keys to control the stone moving around to wipe out the intruders. Reset the level with R. Press P to pause the game. Press S to use the keys will remove all archaeologists.