Gunball 2 Game

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Gunball 2 HTML5

Gunball 2

Gunball 2

Gunball 2 is an extremely interesting shooting game. Your mission is to destroy all enemies to unlock the next level.
You control an armed ball that can cause chaos and destruction. You will face a variety of enemies in each level. Use weapons you have to shoot at enemies to destroy them. Shoot quickly before they can strike you. After defeating enemies will appear items that you can collect to buy upgrades. This will help you defeat enemies faster and more efficiently, try to beat every level without dying to win the game.
Agility and flexible movement combined with good skills will help you defeat enemies effectively.
Enemies also have the ability to use weapons like you, they appear a lot and look to you, aim and shoot you.
With over 30 levels along with lots of enemies you need to destroy. As you pass the levels, you will meet different and stronger enemies. At the same time you will also earn experience points and level up. New levels will unlock new skills for you, these will give you a great advantage over your enemies, so try to unlock as much as possible. Could be active or passive skills. The skills used will be exhausted until they run out of energy, so watch your energy level at the top right of the screen. Your energy will be recovered after a period of time.

How to play Gunball 2

Gunball 2 can move around with the WASD keys, aim with the mouse and shoot others by pressing the left mouse button.
Active skills can change the wave of a battle and you need to shift-click on the ability you want to equip, and press the SPACEBAR to activate these skills in battle.
This game will give you exciting battles, help you have fun time to entertain after a hard working day or help you kill your free time.