Hair Makeover Dating Game

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Hair Makeover Dating HTML5

Hair Makeover Dating

Hair Makeover Dating

Hair Makeover Dating is a great simulation, dress-up game. In the game, you will have its own page on a dating site, where a photo of your character and its data is present. Accepting the invitation of the virtual gentleman, you have to go to a beauty salon for training. There, you can make beautiful make-up and hairstyle, on game instructions. You will are a stylist. You will makeup and dress-up for Donna Hollywon to help her become beautiful. Your mission is to help Donna Hollywon have a romantic date with a handsome guy.
Donna Hollywon found a nice and rich guy on the internet and he agreed to meet Donna Hollywon. First, you have to prepare Donna Hollywon’s hair. You will pick the tools that the game offers and drag them to Donna Hollywon. For glamour style, you need to help Donna Hollywon have a “one sides long curly hair”.
Next, you will make up for Donna Hollywon and you will choose a green dress, flower accessory, small bag, gold sandal and gold necklace for her. After completing everything, you will have a score. Your score will be based on three factors: hairstyle, makeup, and dress-up. Moreover, Hair Makeover Dating also has many interesting achievements for you, such as “Tried all hairstyles available”, “Get 100% score 5 times”, “Dating 10 times”. The game has many other interesting things waiting for you. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play Hair Makeover Dating

Use the mouse to make up and free-up for your girl in this game.
Tips and Tricks:
If your score is too low, the handsome guy will not date your girl.
If you get stuck, you can click the “?” icon.