Happy Glass Game

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Happy Glass HTML5

Happy Glass

Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a fun intellectual game. Your task in this game is to fill the cup with water. Your cup is so sad because it runs out of water, fill it up to make it fun and unlock the next level.
You need to draw to make a path for the water to flow down and fill the empty cup below. It sounds very simple, so how to play it so simple and how to draw water to fill the cup is a matter of thought. You need to have a strategy before drawing, imagine how the water will flow after drawing.
The water source is at the top and some things are arranged below to make it difficult for the water to move.
Drawing lines can be wrong, when flowing water on your cup will lose balance and fall down, now you will play again. After having experience, you will draw another line more reasonably.
Just download it and you can play online to save the results and compare the results with other players or play offline when you do not have an internet connection.
This game will help you practice thinking skills solve problems and keep you entertained extremely effectively. Creativity combined with logical thinking will help you easily overcome this game.
This is a completely free game, you don’t need to spend any money on downloading and playing any level.
The game is suitable for all ages of players and you can play anytime, anywhere as long as you have a mobile device.
This game is convenient and helps people kill time and entertainment very well should have been used by a lot of people.

How to play  Happy Glass

Happy Glass uses the left mouse button to draw a line for the water to move down the cup. If the cup loses balance and falls below or is not filled with water, the cup will not be fun and you will play it again.