Happy Wheels 3 Game

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Happy Wheels 3 HTML5

Happy Wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3 is a driving simulation game with lots of attractive options for players. Here the game will bring you an extremely impressive racing game and many new things compared to Happy Wheels 2.
In this game, players will own a lot of different vehicles from bicycles, motorcycles, terrain vehicles, 3-wheel vehicles, cars, etc. to overcome obstacles full of difficulties and challenges. They are placed in the form of a tabletop or crusher that can crush you if you miss the wheel.
After each level, there will be challenges with a new type of vehicle, but the journey to conquer those levels will not be lonely because sometimes there will be a companion behind. Therefore, players will participate in the race and must protect both of their companions if they do not want to witness an extremely fierce prospect.
On the way to the game, Happy Wheels 3 has laid out a lot of “horror” things when we constantly collide with people on the road, even when cycling, you can become a killer and ” gore “extremely barbaric.
Game Happy Wheels 3 has a simple interface design, the effects in the game are so realistic that players feel “shudder” with what is happening before and can not do, but that is part of the task. that you have to go through. Happy Wheels 3 really is not suitable for the faint of heart.

How to play Happy Wheels 3

- Arrow keys to move.
– Spacebar to shoot or jump.
– Shift and Ctrl are for secondary actions, Z is for ejecting and finally, the Space button for the main action is taken after launch.