Happy Wheels Game

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Happy Wheels HTML5

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a bloody and exciting action game, you must survive in the deadly traps of traps, dangers and your own bike against you as you fight to reach your destination. This is a simple game where you can select up to 3 characters (there are 4 characters shown but only 1 in the full version). Once you complete your character, you need to choose your playground, where you happily roll. There are many options available to play in. The main motivation of this game is simple, choose the guy, choose the ground you want to play and run until and unless the guy is completely broken into pieces.
Unlike other games, here you can control the graphics of the game. For example, blood will appear in the game to show injured or dead characters, so in this situation, if you let your child play this game, you can completely control this.
The game has 3 graphic levels: Low, Medium and High. You can choose anyone depending on your screen. Everyone wants to play with high graphics to enjoy the beauty of the game, but not all screens can support it. So players choose wisely.
Moreover, there is an option available in which you can control the maximum particles seen on the game screen. With 1000 being the maximum number, you can choose accordingly. Also, if you don’t want to see blood gushing while playing this game, set this mark to 0.

How to play Happy Wheels

- Arrow keys to move.
– Spacebar to shoot or jump.
– Shift and Ctrl are for secondary actions, Z is for ejecting and finally, the Space button for the main action is taken after launch.