Happy Wheels 2 Game

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Happy Wheels 2 HTML5

Happy Wheels 2

Happy Wheels 2

Happy Wheels 2 is a physics-based ragdoll game. Players have many different experiences in moving, jumping or fleeing from obstacles and reaching the final destination. Your task in each level is to complete the track in the shortest amount of time possible. Each level will be a new record for yourself, so if you do not have the desired achievement, you can do it again to get the highest performance.
If you want to have moments of light entertainment, Happy Wheels 2 is the perfect choice. We will begin the journey to conquer challenging roads by bike. You will have to learn how to accelerate to prepare for the steep climb or to release the brakes when going downhill properly to be able to cross the undulating hills.
We will begin our mission by selecting the racing car and it is also the companion in the first race. After gaining achievements and bonuses, you will be unlocked a number of new models to choose from. The later the number of cars will be more so you will comfortably own the car you love.
With each vehicle you have chosen, they have different tasks, of course, the more advanced it is, the more difficult it is. Happy Wheels 2 is a game suitable for those who love to explore the roads in the classic way but not the cars with large displacement engines so start the game now to explore the journey of yourself.

How to play Happy Wheels 2

- Up arrow key is used to accelerate the vehicle
– Down arrow key is used to brake
– Left arrow key is leaning back
– Right arrow key is leaning forward.
– Spacebar to shoot or jump.
– Shift and Ctrl are for secondary actions.