Haunt the House 2 Game

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Haunt the House 2 HTML5

Haunt the House 2

Haunt the House 2

Haunt the House 2 is the sequel to the fun devil game. Your goal in this game is still to take actions to haunt the house, making people in it scared and out of the house.
On a clear day, you wake up and find your quiet home full of uninvited and noisy guests, which makes you uncomfortable and does everything you can to get them out of the house. Anyone who sees a moving object is very scared, they will think of the ghost doing it, which is great because then your goal will be achieved. Yes you are a ghost and you will make 30 uninvited guests leave the house by moving items around the house to scare people, making them scared to shiver. You can crawl into your armor and move them closer to humans, incarnate into indoor décor, or make animal skeletons move … those scares people frightened and very panicked, they will find their way out.
Do everything so that the people in it quickly leave the house, then you will find peace and unlock the next level.
Each later level will have more and more things for you to use, everything becomes more interesting and attractive.
The game is completely free to play, you can play it anywhere with any device, be it with a computer, with a phone or tablet, all for free.
Although this is a ghost game, it contains very cute images so children can also play this game.

How to play  Haunt the House 2

Haunt the House 2 is controlled by the following keys:
Use the up / down / left / right arrows or W / S / A / D to move and use powers.
Use Space to own items.
As one of the ghost games has been selected at our website, it will help you relieve stress, fatigue after a day of study and hard work.