Helix Jump Game

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Helix Jump HTML5

Helix Jump

Helix Jump 

Helix Jump is a fun rolling ball game. Your task is to help the ball move down the final finish line safely.
This game helps you kill time very well, for example when you are waiting for the bus or waiting for someone … you can always open this game and have fun.
This game is also completely free to play, so it has been loved by many people.
To bring the ball to the bottom, you just need to move the spiral labyrinth column, the ball will fall into the hole below itself. Your ball constantly bounces when it hits the pale yellow edge, if it touches the red you will lose your life. The destination is the bright yellow edge at the bottom of the spiral.
Games with manipulation play very simple but no less interesting waiting for you to participate, just cleverly you will easily reach the finish line safely.
The higher the level, the spiral becomes longer and has more red edges, you can move step by step so you can adjust the ball does not fall to the red edge.
This game is not limited in time so you can look carefully and then move, but that will make you more time-consuming.
The game is always improved and upgraded to have a better version that suits the needs of users, you can update the new version or not, it is up to your choice.

How to play Helix Jump 

Helix Jump is very simple to play, you just need to hold the left mouse button on the spiral and drag it to the left or right to let the ball fall to the bottom. Although simple, it requires players to have flexible response, good visibility to get the highest results in this game and complete each level quickly. Wish you will have fun playing time.