Hero in the Ocean Game

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Hero in the Ocean HTML5

Hero in the Ocean

Hero in the Ocean

Hero in the Ocean is an adventure game in the depths of the deep ocean. Only a true hero like you can save the missing divers. So let’s go to the deep sea. Be accurate and fast, their lives depend on you.
The road down to the surface of the sea houses a maze of underground caves along with strange creatures and unexplored magical treasures. Unfortunately, many divers have wandered in these dark underwater caves and never been heard again. That is why you have been sent to this place.
While traversing the ocean in your fun little yellow submarine, keep in mind that you’re on a mission and you’ll need to use your problem-solving skills to steer your submarine around. Ocean and become the hero in the ocean. You will find many unique objects on your way: spy glasses, invisibility cloaks, tin snips, laser cannons, booty and many other things.
For each level in Hero in the Ocean, besides saving divers, you must collect three stars to be able to advance to the next level successfully. Be careful and watchful because you also have to watch out for lasers, obstacles and other traps. Pay attention to your surroundings because you will need to keep trying new ideas in case you can’t do it around a maze, don’t give up but keep trying until you succeed.
The mellow piano sound and the oceanic breakout give a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Hero in the Ocean has all 12 levels to explore and conquer.

How to play Hero in the Ocean

Use arrow keys or WASD to move