Hex Blocks Game

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Hex Blocks HTML5

Hex Blocks

Hex Blocks

Hex Blocks is an interesting puzzle game. How to play Hex Blocks is very simple and easy to understand. You only need to drag shapes made up of small hexagons into the appropriate spaces to fill the large hexagon. Solve more puzzles to get higher achievements on the leaderboards and unlock achievements.
In each level, you will have a few different pieces of color to match, they only fit a possible configuration, so you have to think carefully and see how they can fit together.
Starting with a simple table, this table has only a small area to fill and four different shapes. As you progress, the board size increases, and the number of images you have to fit in place also increases. Work your way through each level and try to complete them as quickly as possible. If you need help, don’t forget to use light bulbs, but you can only use five of these.
Hex Blocks offers a variety of tactical options, but its tight board forces players to prioritize their goals. Simply put, it is impossible to do everything, so the player must find the best way possible.
Train your brain when playing Hex Blocks, a jigsaw game for the web. Cover the hexagon grid with the figures to complete a level. Unlock bigger grids as you progress. Listen to relaxing classical music, free and improve your intelligence. Conquer the Hex Blocks puzzles now and prove your mental strength.

How to play Hex Blocks

Drag the left mouse button to move a shape