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Hide Online HTML5

Hide Online

Hide Online

Hide Online is a multiplayer game with very unique gameplay. Enter the hilarious world of this great hidden game where everyone can be a hunter or prop. This game consists of two teams, Props and Hunters. The props team will transform objects to confuse the other team while the goal of the hunter team is to shoot the Props. In this game, Props only have 30 seconds to hide by switching to whatever object they want and then after the next 30 seconds they will mock or make sounds and it is up to the Hunter to search for them. Just remember not to shoot the wrong object or you will lose some life points. You have a few minutes to find and destroy the Props or they will win the game.
With great graphics and a combination of 3D elements and animation, it makes for a very interesting game. You can choose the region you want to play online to provide a faster connection – United States, Europe or Asia. When hunting, you have to move through the office and check each room – look at the furniture and objects there and decide which one doesn’t fit or you feel like an enemy! In addition, if you are hiding, you must choose a good location and try to merge with the surrounding landscape to avoid being detected.

How to play Hide Online:

How to play Hide Online is very unique and simple: Hunters must kill Props. Props must turn into any object they choose to hide and survive in battle.
– Use arrow key / WASD = move.
– Space bar = jump.
– Press Q = Props create sound.
– Press E = Props turn into sharp objects.
– Press 1-3 key = Hunter switches weapon.